How Do You Calculate Your Maximum Mortgage?

How Do You Calculate Your Maximum Mortgage?

  This is a question that many people struggle with. In the past it was easy: In most families the man was employed and the woman could stay home with the children. From the man’s income many families could get a mortgage with which they could buy a house with a garden. But, times have […]

Interest Rate of a Fixed-Rate Mortgage

We hear more and more often talk about spreads : but it is not always clear to everyone what its meaning is . And, above all, sometimes it can escape the reason why it has become so important to the point of conditioning the economic choices and political destinies of an entire nation. To fully […]

The Tax Breaks On Mortgages } Debts

  Tax concessions on mortgages   In this page of our guide to home loans we will talk about the main tax breaks on mortgages provided by our legislation. The mortgage is a financial instrument that has a strong social value as it is often used by families for the purchase of the house in […]

Borrow Money for a House | House Loans

  Although some people prefer renting a house to buying a house, for example because they do not want to accept the obligation or because they do not yet know exactly what they want, many people still cherish the dream of eventually buying their own house. But is it always feasible? How much can you […]

The Variable Rate Mortgage with Constant Installment} Credit Loan

  In order to favor the choice of the type of loan most suited to the needs of its customers, as is well known, in recent years banks have begun to propose solutions that go beyond the eternal dilemma between fixed and variable rates. Thus other forms of mortgage were born, with a mixed rate […]

What Is Employee Savings? Savings and Profit Sharing

    It is simply a savings provided by certain companies to their employees. Its functioning is based on the participation and the profit-sharing established by the State.   Salary savings and participation     Companies with 50 or more employees are directly involved because participation is mandatory in this type of structure. Participation involves […]

Problems with Payment Terms, What Now?

    You do not usually take out a loan because you have so much money left at the end of the month. If that is the case, it is of course more sensible to first build up a buffer and to use your savings at the end of the ride for unexpected expenses. Even […]

The Three Recipes to Reduce the Debt {Public Debt

Public Debt: the biggest economic problem in Italy All the world’s economists over the past decade have identified, in the ‘debt overhang publi Co., the biggest economic problem of Italy. They all agree that if public debt continues to grow at this speed it will soon become unsustainable. In order to better understand the situation, […]