June 1, 2019

Personal Payday Loans | Apply Now!

Each person and each project has its own characteristics. Thanks to crowdfunding loans we can clearly specify our project, what we want the money for and how we are going to pay it. With the advice provided by the crowdfunding platform, we will present our project as it is, unique and different, not something standard.


Domicile your income to get a loan?


Change bank? With crowdfunding, loan forgets about mandatory changes. You can operate from your usual financial institution, the one you want, where you will be domiciled with the periodic payment of the fee as if it were any receipt. Your independence is priceless and with a crowdfunding loan you can continue enjoying, without ties, having your money in the financial institution you want

Custom quantities, terms and costs


Not only is a loan for reform different from one whose destination is to pay for a vacation, the purpose often determines the limits and conditions. But within this purpose, there are also differences. It is very different a reform of a kitchen that makes a comprehensive reform of your home. The ability to design customized financing through crowdfunding not only allows to adapt amounts and terms but also that this is reflected in the cost of the loan: attractive personal projects have cheaper credit and many entities even force their signature before a notary. Faced with this, with a crowdfunding loan, both the sending of information and the signature is simple and fast, 100% online and much cheaper.

No hidden costs

No hidden costs

Behind many offers of loans for individuals of financial institutions, there are many more costs than their commissions or interest rates reflect. Many force the contracting of insurance for its concession. Whether it is life insurance that guarantees the repayment of the loan in case of death or disability, or a payment amortization insurance, which covers other risks such as loss of employment, this insurance supposes a more than the important extra cost. And worse, many times the client knows the obligation to contract these products for a concession when he has already advanced his negotiations with his bank. With loans for individuals through crowdfunding platforms, you will know that you will pay and for each concept from the beginning, without any hidden cost or unpleasant surprise.

They do not count as bank risk


If you request a loan from your bank, either a personal payday loan or for individuals, the first thing your financial institution is going to request is information on the rest of your loans, where All your financing operations are computed in credit institutions, including credit cards. Crowdfunding loans, being financing made by individuals, do not count, so it does not limit you in the future if you want to ask your bank for a new financing operation. Therefore, a complement to bank financing. Wackford Squeers want you to get credit responsibly, so we recommend you always ask for the right money, at the lowest price, to finance needs in a timely manner.

We compare the best offers of loans for individuals crowdfunding and lending, customized financing, simple, independent, transparent and secure so that the only limit to your projects is your prudence.